with sad eyes and heavy heart

I never thought I'd see the day, when you went away
You left me with a hollow heart,full of pain and sorrow.
For you there is no more tomorrow.
Never again will I see you're lovely face, feel your soft skin or hear you.
My friend, companion and beloved brother now you are nothing but a memory
destined to go weak. You may have left me, but you are always in my heart.

image146 image147

Give me confirmation
Let me walk out of the storm
Don?t wanna live in darkness
Oh let me be transformed
Let me find redemption
Oh please let there be peace
Make the trouble go away
Oh make the yearning cease

Take the tears away
Take the tears away
Give me hope
Give me love
Make it sweet from above

Take the tearsaway
Oh take the tears away
Give me praise
Give me heart
Take the tears away

Oh give me back the courage
And give me back the faith
To believe is more than this
Let me control my fate

Some things are eternal
Some things pass away
But the light which comes
When the night is gone
Is not just called the day
Sometimes pain is useless
Sometimes pain is brief
But the fragile hope
That delays the loss
Is another word for peace


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